Night of the Nerds


Night of the Nerds

Night of the Nerds and Mission Tech

In our offseason, we participated with The Night of the Nerds and Mission Tech in Eindhoven. These were venues for students to learn about possibilities in technology. We had a booth there to promote and spread the word about FIRST and the FTC. We talked to students about opportunities to establish or join a team, or to look at other FIRST activities.

At the venues were a lot of different companies who organised workshops, games, and fun demonstrations. At our booth, children could drive our robot to experience what it’s like to be a driver in our team. We had last year’s engineering notebook on display for students and their parents to look at, as well as photo’s and videos.

The kids were very enthusiastic. We talked to them about what it’s like to be in a FTC team and to build robots. Many of them became interested in technology and wanted to get started in FIRST. We gave them our business card with contact information for future questions and lots of information about how to establish a team.

At the end of Mission Tech, there weren’t a lot of kids anymore. People from other booths started to check out other booths. Some companies visited our booth and were interested in sponsoring us. They will contact us, and we might have to do a presentation.

A week later, a young man named Lexxi send us an email. We spoke with him at our booth at Night of the Nerds. He wrote us to tell us he was planning on starting a FTC team in a few years. He asked us about this year’s kick-off and wanted to experience this first event with us. We wrote him back to tell him he could happily join us at the kick-off and we would help him in every way we could to get his team off the ground.